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Our Price: $4,998.00

Built your engine for speed and power? Maximize your engine output with one of our torque converters.

The torque converter is a tuning device that transfers the power from the engine to the transmission. Without the properly tuned converter, your vehicle is missing out on the full potential of its performance. Here at Level 10, one of our experienced technicians will assist you in maximizing the power and speed of your car or truck. Just call with the specs of what you have, and we will handle the rest to allow you to enjoy your ride and take it to the next level.

Level 10 transmissions have been setting the standard for all other manufactures for years.
Every transmission is built to the customers specifications and needs, we do not believe in “off the shelf” units. From all out race to mild street, towing or plowing, we build them one at a time.
Every Transmission is specifically calibrated to suit your needs, from valve body modifications to pump pressure we design it and build it just for you.
Our performance clutches are the best on the market, with no exceptions. Our high output pumps are the most durable units available. Our valve body modifications are selected to fit the customers performance needs.
Our computer graphing allows us to custom design a transmission exactly to your requirements in minutes, and we can usually have it built in two days or less.
Level 10 is the only company custom building each transmission for each customer at a cost comparable to the generic hopped up units.Give us you specs and we’ll design a Transmission just for you.
Our Price: $7,998.00
Bulletproof transmission Bentley-Rolls Royce. Call for details 973 827 1000