Level 10 Transmissions

Level 10 Transmissions, located at 3670 Route 94 in Hamburg, New Jersey, specializes in high-performance transmission services. Founded in 1972, we are known for our expertise in rebuilding and upgrading transmissions to enhance durability and performance, often referred to as "bulletproofing" them. We cater to a global customer base, providing pickup services and shipping transmissions worldwide.

Our facility includes a state-of-the-art overhaul shop, multiple installation bays, and areas for research and development. Level 10 Transmissions is headed by Patrick Barrett, who has built a reputation in the industry for delivering quality transmission solutions.

For more detailed information or to contact us directly, you can visit our website at Level 10 Transmissions or call us at (973) 827-1000.

Level 10 Products
3670 Route 94
Hardyston NJ 07419

Level 10 Products has its corporate headquarters located in Hardyston, New Jersey—about an hour Northwest of New York City. Please use the directions and map below to find us.

Latitude Longitude
41.167031 -74.556069
N41° 10.0219' W074° 33.3641'

Directions from NYC:

Take I-495 - Lincoln Tunnel (West)
Entering New Jersey
1: Turn off onto Ramp
2: Merge onto SR-3 [Penhorn Ave] (West)
3: Bear RIGHT (West) onto US-46
4: Bear RIGHT (North-West) onto Ramp
5: Merge onto SR-23 (North)
6: Continue (North) on US-202 [SR-23]
7: Continue (North-West) on SR-23
8: Turn onto Rt 94 (North)
3670 SR-94, Hamburg, NJ, 07419

Directions from Philadelphia:

1: Merge onto I-95 [Delaware Expy] (North)
Entering New Jersey
2: At I-95 Exit 7B, turn off onto Ramp
3: Continue (North) on US-206 [Lawrenceville Rd]
4: At roundabout, take the SECOND exit
5: Exit roundabout onto Ramp
6: Continue (North-East) on US-206 [US-202]
7: Continue (North) on Ramp
8: Merge onto I-287 (North)
9: At I-287 Exit 41B, turn off onto Ramp
10: Merge onto I-80 (West)
11: At I-80 Exit 34B, turn off onto Ramp
12: Merge onto SR-15 (North)
13: Turn RIGHT (North-East) onto SR-94 [Lafayette Franklin Rd] 9
14: Turn LEFT (North) onto SR-23 [SR-94]
3670 SR-94, Hamburg, NJ, 07419

Directions from South Jersey:

Garden State Pky (North)
1: At Garden State Pky Exit 145, continue (North) on Ramp
2: *Tollbooth* Stay on Ramp (East)
3: Stay on Ramp (East)
4 Merge onto I-280 (West)
5: Turn off onto Ramp
6: Merge onto I-80 (West)
7: At I-80 Exit 34B, turn off onto Ramp
8: Merge onto SR-15 (North)
9: Turn RIGHT (North-East) onto SR-94 [Lafayette Franklin Rd]
10: (North) onto [SR-94]
3670 SR-94, Hamburg, NJ, 07419

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