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Level 10 got started back in 1971. Pat Barrett worked out of his home garage and realized early on the best way to go fast was to make the most of the available horsepower. Unfortunately, the transmissions of the day just were not up to the task. Pat began experimenting with valve bodies and clutches and soon had a strong, fast, shifting, slip-free high performance transmission. The word began to spread and he opened his first dedicated shop in 1973.

Level10™ Performance Torque Converter

With his performance transmissions now working, the big problem became the torque converter; they just couldn 't take the power his race engines were making. Pat's answer to this was to build a bullet proof TH-400 modified to use a clutch instead of a converter. Never satisfied, Pat also modified a converter to handle the power and the racing world took notice. In 1975 Pat was appointed director of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association - Liberty States Chapter. This was nothing short of amazing for a two year old business. Pats work slowly changed from the high performance transmissions to ones that were custom tuned for specific vehicles. Then in 1992 Pat shocked the drag racing world with the first Buick Grand National to run seven second quarter miles.

Level10™ High Performance Transmissions & Custom Superchargers Go International

In 1993 Pat was contacted by Bin Sulayem Performance, the largest aftermarket supplier in the Middle East. He began producing special purpose performance transmissions to their specifications for the MBS Expeditions and continues this to this day.

In 2001 Pat stepped into the road racing world and once again set the standard when he teamed up with Lexus. He developed a manual shift automatic that won the Rolex Cup in 2002. They have so many wins in so many different kinds of racing events; it is difficult to keep count.

In 2003 Level10 began development for diesel trucks, with proven packages now available to handle the ground shaking torque of these monsters. That kind of innovation continues to this day with constant testing and improvement. Pat will never be satisfied, always looking for a little more speed, a little less friction, a little more strength, and better power transfer. And don't forget the one who benefits the most from all this effort... you!

Browse our store for the best high performance transmissions, custom superchargers, performance torque converters, and transmission rebuilding kits, including automatic rebuilding kits. Have a question about our products? Do not hesitate to call our shop at 973-827-1000 and speak with one of supercharger experts.

Most auto shops do not have the ability to correctly install a transmission. If you are a top wrench, and would like to complete the upgrade yourself, we can supply you with everything you need, including tools. If you don't have the time, energy or desire to install your new transmission on your own, Level 10 can 't be beat on quality of workmanship and speed when it comes to custom transmission installation. In fact, Level 10 can arrange to pick up your truck, custom build your transmission, and have it back to you in just one to five days. Give us a call for discounts on our towing, shipping and custom installations.

Many of Level 10's clients drive to beautiful Hamburg, NJ. While their transmission is installed, they take a few days to relax and play golf on one of Hamburg's world-class golf courses. Other clients drive to Hamburg, drop off their vehicle, and catch a train to New York City at Stockholm Park & Ride, just four miles up the road. Why not spend a few days on vacation while your new performance transmission is installed?

Level 10 Valve Body Put to the Test.It still lives after 2 years!

Infiniti G37 Drag Strip • (3) 11.7's in a row!

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